Dental Hygienist Salary in 2015

We are now on the edge of jumping into new chapters of our lives, both in our families and careers. Considering the economic and social situation present in mostly all the states of the US, being confident enough that a job or another offers a solid basis is more than essential.

salary in 2014 for dental hygienistsIt is interesting how in a probable opposition to what we thought of as valid up until now, a few career routes were determined to be highly prosperous as of January 2015, but this also ensures prosperity for the coming decade (and probably many more decades after). As the technological boost would put its stamp into workers’ lives, being in the software, mobile and computer-related industries is what makes the most of a career. However, interestingly, dentists and dental hygienists also scored among the top ten, being all considered as highly prosperous careers in the United States.

To be honest, it is still valid that a dentist’s role will always be above a dental hygienist’s role, but needless to say that a dental hygienist can’t just be sent away like “hey, I have my dentist so I don’t need a dental hygienist”, because the oral hygiene is what keeps you away from the dentist (if you respect indications and requirements) and it is also the one to bring you to suffering, especially when not knowing to have a level of hygiene to suffice for your teeth.

A dental hygienist salary in 2015 is fluctuating, meaning that it depends on various aspects. For instance, the nationwide average for the dental hygienist salary in 2015 is around $56,780, being a well-paid job without a doubt. Such yearly salaries are desirable in several great fields of work, and still people aren’t really privileged to enjoy such salaries, unless they enroll to become dental hygienists. But now, please do hold your breath while we are about to mention your income opportunities as a registered dental hygienist!

So, now you can truly understand one of the many aspects concerning registration and certification. As soon as your diploma says that you are a registered dental hygienist, you will enjoy a yearly wage as high as $84.592, with tendency to be raised in the following months. Obviously, this national salary average also means that you can get more money or less money in this field. The same applies for a non-registered dental hygienist salary in 2015.

Then you will now ask: what should I do to ensure my dental hygienist future, concerning the year 2015 and the following 5-10 years to come?

First of all, to get there (if you aren’t a dental hygienist yet), you will need to obtain a valid associate’s degree in this field. Luckily enough, you won’t be required to train or to have previous work experience in such fields. However, a master’s degree is recommended if you truly target to enjoy the most benefits of the dental hygienist salary this year.

Dental Assistant/Hygienist Training Near You

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Location must be picked with an elite selection. That means you should carefully look around and try to “diagnose” the market. Let us review a simple strategy for this:

  1. Find the states that have the highest paying positions in dental hygiene. If you find any of these states affordable for you (as you will have to stay in those cities or nearby), then shortlist the preferential states.
  2. In the preferential states there are more cities to choose from. Make sure that regardless of the city-choice, you are happy with the final outcome. After all, you will change cities if you are not lucky enough to already be in the city of your liking and to call a place “home” there.
  3. Try to be hired on an hourly salary. Hourly wages are far more advantageous than normal wages, which are paid on a monthly basis. It is a fact that there are more dental hygienists to work per hour than there are to work on a regular basis. What are the advantages?
    1. Payment is a lot better
    2. You have quite some flexibility to enjoy
    3. You have a lot more free time and ability to run own business or work part-time in other fields too
    4. Your work environment is the same and you still enjoy all the benefits of this job
    5. Always try to be hired in the dental office, where you are offered more. Don’t stick to less – to have more is never a burden and never a problem.

Obviously, the places where the demand is huge or there aren’t too many good competitors, your dental hygienist salary in 2015 will simply boost up and reach amounts of $100.000 or above, per year. Amazing and motivating, I would say.

To become such an expert, you will still require some social skills besides the license. In this field, having a license is mandatory so you can’t really become a dental hygienist, unless you already have a license which is accepted in your state. Since all states require one, you can’t really escape the license and you can’t really have a second option for this.

dental hygienist

The employment, as it currently shows itself, will rise to be 35-40% more compared to the present in the next years and decades. With such promises and opportunities ahead, it would be foolish to think that the dental hygienist salary (even if it’s lower than the above mentioned high averages) isn’t worth it. And think of it like this: not only you will enjoy the hygiene of the dental office and the satisfaction of helping many people overcome their dental hygiene problems but you will also be able to have stability, a solid basis for you and your entire family. As you know, many people today would sacrifice anything to get that and they still can’t find it anywhere.

As a great guide, you can always refer to the ADA or American Dental Association, where the job info and other guides are to be found online at any time.

After all, choosing a career that is considered to be among the best 10 in any state of the United States is great and you will also be able to enjoy the benefits provided by your pay rate.

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How to Become a Dental Hygienist

Dentist Examining Patient's MouthDental hygienist is a preventive oral health professional who has graduated from accredited dental hygiene programs in any institution of higher learning that is licensed in dental hygiene in order to provide skills, research, clinical, therapeutic services and administrative functions supporting the total health and promotion of optimum oral health. A dental hygienist is not the same as a dentist. This is because the dental hygienist focuses on the preventive care while the dentist is more on the diagnosis and treatment of the dental problems. The dental hygienist provides only three types of services to their patients:

  • Patient education on the good oral hygiene
  • Preventive oral care
  • Therapeutic services to the patient


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What Salaries Should Dental Hygienists Expect

female dental hygienistIt’s nowadays excellent to become a dental hygienist. You have a responsibility, a goal to reach with your work. It’s a good idea to consider this job as a valid career opportunity, since the job market – at least in some sectors – is getting weakened monthly.

Although some dentists might be trained and knowledgeable to perform the duties of dental hygienists, but it takes a professional hygienist to make everything happen. Dentists undergo a lot of training, while hygienists are spared from the amount. However, that doesn’t mean that these specialists don’t require professional training. More than that, every dental hygienist usually works under the direct observance of a licensed dentist. Thus, the dentist is in control over all situations, but the hygienist is the person to handle hygiene-related tasks and duties.

All training as far as dental hygienists are concerned is supervised by the so-called American Dental Association or ADA. The training it takes is only a program you attend in dental hygiene. This program must be accepted by the ADA, so that your certificate is recognized and allows you to legally work on your field.

But, in order to apply to the required accredited program, you need a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or an associate degree. Thus, certification itself requires some time, but it’s worth it. The reason for that is because a dental hygienist salary can go as high as $100,000. That is not the average salary, but if you have what it takes then it can easily become your salary. More

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Dental Assistant Salary

With the new openings on the market fields, many people have the opportunity to find something that best suits them. The most popular branches that are searched for are both in the public and the private domain. The fields that are accessed and wanted are science, education, business, politics and the health care system, where many employees are content and satisfied living a great life and earning a great salary.

jobs for dental assistantsIn the health care system a range of many and various possibilities can be found and the benefits of discovering them are quite an acquisition. For example, the dental assistant job is situated in a growing field that requires and is in need for more employees. A dental assistant job is mainly comprised of assisting the different procedures, preparing the tools for the proper function of the dental intervention and recording any findings. Also his job is not only to assist, but also to sterilize the equipment, to provide the dentist with the tools and equipment that are of main importance during the treatment or surgical intervention.

A main quality that is needed when becoming a dental assistant is to have the skills to communicate with the patient and the dentist, to assure the patient his safety and to prepare him for the following medical (dental) procedure.  But there are great rewards on a dental assistant salary when it comes to work and studies. More

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